Kuman Pictures Announced Its Launch in September 2018

Kuman Pictures Sdn Bhd is a new Malaysian film company that was launched to the media on 20 September 2018. It will focus on only low-budget (average about RM500,000) thriller and horror films for cinema release.




 The founder of the company is Amir Muhammad who had previously directed several documentaries and co-directed a cinema feature SUSUK (2008). In the past decade he has been more active as a book publisher and is the managing director of Buku Fixi, which has published over 200 books in Malay and English.


Creative Vision

We want to work with strong, innovative directors and we give them creative freedom as long as they can work with the budget! We deliberately choose horror and thriller as we believe there are some interesting ways in which different types of stories can be told in these popular formats.



 Kuman Pictures is the only film company in Malaysia that will pay royalties to all the cast and crew on annual basis. The royalties will come from any income generated by the movie: in the cinema or other platforms later. This is the same royalty system for authors in the publishing company. We feel that whatever earnings we make should be shared by the people who made the movie possible.

First Three Films

 The first three films under Kuman Pictures are:

TWO SISTERS (Mandarin) directed by James Lee


This is about the repercussions of a tragic family secret; who is the ghost in the red cheongsam who haunts the sisters?

James Lee is one of the most prolific Malaysian filmmakers. His previous works include HISTERIA, TOLONG! AWEK AKU PONTIANAK, PETALING STREET WARRIORS, CLAYPOT CURRY KILLERS for mainstream release and also many others like THE BEAUTIFUL WASHING MACHINE and CALL IF YOU NEED ME for arthouse release and international film festivals.


ROH (Malay) directed by Emir Ezwan


Set in the unspecified past during wartime, a family is spooked by the arrival of a mysterious and sinister young guest; who in the family will survive?

Emir Ezwan has directed numerous commercials and also done VFX for feature films. His short film RM10 (2016) won several awards internationally. ROH is his first feature.


IRUL - GHOST HOTEL  (Tamil) directed by MS Prem Nath


To be shot mainly in Penang’s Crag Hotel, this is a found-footage film about the search for a missing person.

MS Prem Nath was previously in cinemas as one of the directors of RISE! INI KALILAH. His first two films before that were in the horror genre.

 All three films are planned for 2019 cinema release.




 Our first three films are in Mandarin, Malay and Tamil. We are also open to other languages spoken in Malaysia, because we feel our main “language” is the genre (horror/thriller).



Future Plans

At the moment our priority is completing and releasing our first three films.

TWO SISTERS slated for early 2019 and the other two slated for second half of 2019.

 We are also developing a few other projects but these are still in the script/ideation stages.



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